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Ecommerce Business Blueprint:

How To Build, Launch And Grow A Profitable Online Store

Are You Looking To Start Your First Ecommerce Business?

Have you been wondering how so many people are now making a living with E-commerce business?

Are you struggling with online sales? Is upscaling what's stopping you from making it big?

Do you have a great product, but you're unsure how to market it?

Are you ready to take the next step in eCommerce, but don't know where and how to start? Have you always dreamed of making money online?

These, and many other questions are what face us every day as entrepreneurs.

Coach Giani

We've Compiled A Winning Strategy For Anyone To Follow And Grow A Profitable Online Store.

Building Your Online Business, The Proper Way, Is Essential To Your Success. There Are Many Ways To Go About It, But Our Mission Today Is To Outline For You The Necessary Core Steps And Share How To Apply Them.

Setting Up Your Business

Going Back To Basics, There Are Many Different Ways You Can Start An Online Business.

The old-fashioned way is to create your own website.

But these days, with competition so high, the price to build a converting site could become astronomical; not to mention the hours of programming and time spent trying to communicate with your website developer.

All of it could total up to a year just to launch a website...

Nowadays, thanks to technological advancement and visionaries, it is no longer the case.

You can find many platforms online that require no coding, with many templates to fit the needs of individual businesses.

That said, you could have a website launched and ready to sell your products in less than 30 minutes!

If You're Ready To Have A Beautiful, Functional Website - To Sell And Accept Payments Immediately, We Recommend The Shopify Platform.


Signing up for an account is fast and simple and starts with just creating a name for your store and answering a few simple questions about your business.

There are a few different plans to choose from that start at just $29 per month.

These plans provide the basics you need to start a business all the way up to handling millions of sales.

Best of all, you get a 14-day free trial; which is plenty of time to build your store!

Pick the plan that fits you best, but we recommend starting small and growing as needed.


When it comes to creating a business, we cannot stress enough how important branding is for the long run.

So, decide early what your goals are.

Are you looking to make quick cash? Are you looking to build a long-term business with a possible exit strategy?

Shopify offers free themes, ready to go with no coding necessary, and also offers hundreds of themes as upgrades.

Finding a converting theme is critical to your success online.

    Choosing The Right One Can Be A Difficult And Costly Decision.

    Luckily, Reloook Can Help You With This Decision.

    Our Genie programmers have designed a fully optimized and converting theme with so many of these features at a fraction of the cost.

    The Reloook Theme can be uploaded immediately, and we will even set it up for you at no extra charge!

    Domain & Branding

    As mentioned above, branding your business is very important.

    Another great advantage of using Shopify is that you can apply directly for a domain name through Shopify.

    This eliminates the need to create separate accounts and coding to point your domain name to the correct URL address.

    Tips On Choosing A Domain Name:

    • Keep it short – long domain names are too hard for people to memorize
    • Keep it relevant to your theme & niche
    • 2-3 syllable words are the most popular – example: Twi-tter, In-sta-gram, Face-book, etc.
    • Stay away from using numbers, special characters, and 2 identical letters side by side
    • Only use a “.com” extension


    Spend some time creating a logo and choose a color palette to properly brand your store. Use that color palette in your store to create a consistent brand and theme.

      Tips On Branding:

      • For quick color palette themes ideas, try Coolors and Color Wheel
      • Colors have psychological effects on people. We recommend using the color emotion guide below to best fit your brand

      General Vs Niche

      What type of store do you want to run? If you already have a product, the answer is simple; you are a Niche Store.

      General Store

      General Stores are the easiest to set up because you can pretty much upload your store with all sorts of products by just creating a few separate categories.

      By utilizing Product List Reloook, your store can be fully loaded and ready to sell winning products in just a few clicks.

      Check These General Stores Out For Ideas:
      • Flawless Value offers a wide selection of items in various niches.
      • Next Deal Shop is always working to bring you the “Next Deal”. According to the company, each product is selected and tested by their dedicated sourcing team to ensure they are of quality and value to their members.
      • Haus offers contemporary furniture, lighting, homeware and accessories.

      If You Opened Your Own Store Without Reloook, Then You Will Really Appreciate How Valuable Our Service Is.

      You already know how time consuming it is to research products, write copy, upload great product pictures, enter each and every variance, or even find vendors.

      We guarantee you will love this feature provided by Product List Genie!

      We do all the time-consuming work for you and deliver turnkey products and information to add to your store in seconds.


      Niche Store

      Niche stores require a little more thinking and strategy; especially product research.

      Is it going to be a Gamer Niche? A Pet Niche? Yoga? Fitness? Niche stores allow you to start small and focus on single items.

      Once you have mastered the sales in your chosen niche, then it allows you to scale your store and expand into other related niches.

      Example: You started with the niched-down Chihuahua breed, then you expanded to the German Shepherd breed, followed by the Dog Niche and then continued on to the Pet Niche, etc.

      Check These Stores As Examples For Niche Stores:
      • COMET Camper is a site dedicated to people passionate about living a minimalistic lifestyle and making a positive impact on the environment with their daily consumption habits.
      • Pixie Faire is an e-commerce site selling doll clothing patterns and online courses on knitting and sewing doll clothes.
      • 52Kards a huge brand in the magic niche; magic tricks, digital courses by renowned magicians, and magic accessories.
      • Llynda Moore Boots created her own line of customizable boots.

      When It Comes To Helping You With A Decision, Reloook Does The Legwork For You. We Analyze Niches And Provide Lists Of Current Best Sellers As Well As Top Niche Categories.

      We Strongly Suggest You Start Off With A General Store Focused On Big Niche Products.

      Big Niche is a term used to define a broader industry.

      Examples could be; a Fitness Store, a Parenting Store, or an Apparel Store. A fitness store could encompass a yoga niche, a weight-lifting niche, a running niche, a health food niche, etc.

      With a big niche general store, you will be able to appeal to a larger audience in a defined interest.

      Also, creating your avatar (scroll to the Marketing section of this Blueprint) will be simpler in the beginning.

      Low Ticket Vs High Ticket

      What do we mean by that?

      You need to decide if you want to sell low-ticket items or high-ticket items. Do you want to sell 1,000 items at $10, or would you rather sell 10 items at $1,000?

      In the beginning it may be easier to sell low-ticket items, especially when selecting advertising platforms and demographics.

      But with experience and utilizing the right tools, high-ticket items will be more attractive.

      Low Ticket Items

      Low ticket items are valued at less than $100 and are easier to find.

      There are many local and international vendors willing to dropship for you.

      Low ticket items can be anything for clothing, electronics, homeware, toys, gadgets, jewelry...

      Check out Aliexpress or Oberlo for more examples.

      High Ticket Items

      When done correctly, high-ticket items will get you where you want to go faster.

      But the learning curve is a little longer. It also requires you to qualify with specific vendors and abide by a different set of rules.

      Finding high-ticket items will require a greater commitment of time.

      Some examples of high-ticket items are products that are in the $100 to $300+ category. Examples; electric toy cars, scooters, tools, sport equipment, appliances, furniture...

      Visit World Wide Brands for high-ticket items, they are the standard when it comes to wholesaling and drop shipping. It's the official directory of 100% Certified Wholesalers!

      Reloook makes this task practically effortless and we even include training.

      Ultimately, we save you money with “How to Sell High-Ticket Items” courses...


      Tips On Low & High Ticket

      • Use Facebook ads for Low Ticket items
      • Use Google ads for High Ticket items

      Choosing The Right Product

      Another facet of your business is to stay ahead of the game.

      You should always be researching and finding out what the hottest products are on the market – products that people actually want to buy.

      Manual Research

      A top priority question when it comes to researching a product: “Is there a demand for this product?”

      If you have done a quick search and easily find the product you were looking for, don't be afraid of competition. It just means the demand is there.

      On the other hand, if you find very little information on the niche or product you're researching we would recommend to stay away.

      How To Find The Right Product

      Manual research is important.

      We think the fastest way to find information about a product is by utilizing a tool called Google Trends.

      This tool analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages.

      The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time.

      Where To Find Products

      Finding trending products is imperative for your business to succeed. To do so you should browse across these platforms to evaluate trends:

        • Facebook: Be on the look out for viral videos and ads on your feed
        • Aliexpress: this is the largest place to find vendors and items to be drop shipped worldwide. Scroll through to find the latest gadgets and products.
    • Amazon: These days you cannot ignore the power of Amazon. Rankings and Trends provide a huge source of data when it comes to sourcing the right product.
    • eBay: Just like Amazon, a wealth of information can be obtained from eBay listings. Check out Data Labs for details.
    • Other websites: just by using Google and a quick search on “drop shipping” or “hot selling items” a list of trending sites can be found:
      • Data Labs allows you to analyze eBay trending products.
      • Trend Hunter allows you to analyze cutting-edge ideas
    • When it comes to the ultimate tool to find winning products; look no further.

      Everything We Described So Far Can Be Granted By A Click Of Your Mouse Here At Reloook!

      We spend hours researching trends and hot items, and place them in a ready-made package on our platform.

      Plus, each product listing comes with its own Google Trend research, allowing you to make faster and more educated decisions.


      Research Your Competition

      Keeping tabs on your competition is important to your success.

      Manual Marketing & Advertising Research

      When you research your competitors and keep current records, you can start to anticipate their next move.

      Large companies in your niche have already researched and spent millions of dollars on marketing and advertising. They already know what works. There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel.

      Manual Marketing is time consuming. You can spend hours and hours scrolling through search engines, social media platforms, taking notes, and creating spreadsheets and reports.

      Here's where to start your manual research:

      Amazon Research

      Mostly used by buyers:

      Ebay Research

      Mostly used by buyers:

      Aliexpress Research

      Mostly used by sellers:

      Facebook Research

      Use the search box on Facebook with the following keywords and watch results pop up:

      Order Now Get Yours Here Free Shipping On This Item
      Using Promo Code Available In Different Sizes Like Share or Tag Someone
      Only Pay Shipping Claim Yours Here Tag a Friend That Would Wear This
      Tag Someone Who'd Love This Tag Someone Who'd Love One Tag a Friend That Would Wear It
      Limited Supply So Get Yours Here Extremely Limited Supply We're Giving Away 300 Free
      Limited Supply So Get Yours Now Order Here We're Giving Away 200 Free
      Get 60% Off Now Get 60% Off Today Get 50% Off Now
      Get 50% Off Today

      Using your personal Facebook account, like & follow as many pages related to your niche as possible (minimum 30).

      Use your personal account because advertisers can exclude “page admins” from their targeting. This can also be done from your Business account but you may be missing out if ads exclude Page Admins in filters.

      Act like a buyer – comment, share, like, visit product pages, add to cart, and even buy something.

      These actions should be spread out on different ads and not repeated exactly for every ad you see.

      Doing so will allow you to extend your range when being targeted (i.e. you're considered an engaged user and will be targeted more with many ads).

      Facebook spy tools are great but as you can imagine, if you can have access to them so easily, everyone else can too.

      If you find something that has potential with these spy tools, make sure you setup a campaign IMMEDIATELY, because if you don't, the competition will. Guaranteed!

      Facebook is also great for referencing products that work, finding similar ones, or getting new ideas.

      Research Platforms

      Here are some affordable platforms and tools for more research:

      Spy Automated Tools

      To help you with this task you can use a few free tools and many apps that charge you usage or membership fees.

      Spy Tools are used on a daily basis by every successful business, so remember, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

      Just take what already works, change a few things to give it your own twist and Boom!

      Just make sure you are not infringing on anyone's copyrights, logos, or other trademarked materials!

      Some Of The Top Spy Tools:
      • Similarweb: allows you to research other websites or Apps to analyze where their traffic is flowing from and where are they advertising.
      • Adplexity: This is a mobile and native App which allows you to research another page's advertising by utilizing their URL. You can search Landing Pages, advertisers, publishers and it offers tons of filters like:
        • Device type – Android or iPhone
        • Country – most GOEs available
        • Language
        • Affiliate Network
        • Connection – is the campaign running on mobile data or wi-fi
        • Ad type – popup, in-app, redirect
        • Traffic source and more...
      • WhatRunsWhere: This is a great tool to spy on the competition if you're going to do display ads or native campaigns. It helps you with sizing of images and ads across platforms by researching the competition's winning ads.

      Want to find out about best selling stores in your niche? Check these sites:

      Do you want to keep up with hot products and current ads? Add this extension to your Chrome browser, it's FREE:

      Whether you are a beginner or expert in the eComm world, you can understand how powerful this tech is when it comes to crushing the competition.

      But it can become very costly to a newly launched business.

      That Is Why Our Genie Programmers Have Created Our Own Spy Tools At No Extra Charge Right On Our Platform.

      This is a game-changer when it comes your investment of time. One click, wish granted!


      Research By Countries

      If you're looking to sell internationally, here's a list of sites by country for your research:

      Shopify Apps

      Once your Shopify store is up and running, you will need whatever you can get to help you convert traffic into sales.

      Shopify provides a section with hundreds of different apps that can integrate directly to your store.

      You can find accounting apps, upsell apps, vendors apps, cart apps; the list is vast.

      Although many seem attractive, how do you know which ones you actually need or will serve your purpose?

      Don't Worry, We're Here To Help!

      Once again, our Genie programmers have already incorporated the most useful tools and apps into our Product List Genie Theme.

      We continuously update our PLG Theme with optimization and conversion tricks so you can always rest assured that you have the latest and most relevant apps!


      Just In Case You Don't Have Our Product List Genie Theme Installed, Here Are Three Must-Have Apps We Recommend To Have On Your Store:
      • Recart is a Facebook Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart App. Recart is built for one purpose: to make you money. This app substitutes three different apps: Facebook Messenger Marketing – Abandoned Cart Campaigns for Facebook Messenger – Abandonment Analytics.
      • Carts Guru is the all-in-one solution for abandoned cart recovery. It uses emails, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Ads and Automatic Calls to convert your most valuable lost customers into sales.
      • Abandonment Protector Plus has our favorite feature, which is the automated follow-ups / email sequences. Simple tools to create email automation depending on your customer's behavior flows that best suit your sales strategy. When your customer is eligible to receive a new message, the system looks at all the enabled campaigns, identifies the ones that match your customer's behavior and send the highest priority message. Different pre-designed / customizable template galleries are available for each feature.
      Other Helpful Apps:
        • Oberlo and Dropified let you find products, upload them to your store for listing and automate fulfillment. Oberlo is free for the first 50 monthly orders up to 500 items. Dropified offers a 14-day free trial.
    • Loox and Yotpo let your customers post reviews and pictures in your store to boost sales. Loox starts at $9.99/mo with a 14-day trial. Yotpo starts free for the first 50 monthly orders.
    • Shipping Tracker by DevCloud Is a customizable tracking page that sends email and SMS to your customers letting them know where their packages are at any given time! Never miss a package again. It starts free for the first 10 shipments.
    • Zendesk and let you message visitors to your site in real-time. Services start free for both.
    • When You're Building A Business, Saving Money Is Of The Utmost Importance.

      Product List Genie Does The Work For You.

      We either have included the software in our Theme, or we will recommend certain apps through our own research and development to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed.


      Shipping & Fulfillment

      Another aspect of your business is deciding how you want your products to be shipped and orders fulfilled.

      There are many available options, including Apps, Shopify, vendor warehouses, manual fulfillment, automated fulfillment, etc.

      You will also have to decide where you want your product to ship from – will it be national or international?

      US Shipping

      Shipping from the USA is key for a long-term business plan, but it comes at a higher price.

      At Product List Genie, we have our own line of products that ship straight out of a US warehouse, with our own auto-fulfillment ordering process, guarantying you faster delivery times and more satisfied customers.

      China Shipping

      Shipping from China is the most approachable and popular alternative.

      Not only can you find cheaper products but usually shipping to the US or Worldwide is free.

      On the other hand, shipping from China has longer delivery times that could take up to 40 days. Thus, it may create customer service issues with unsatisfied customers.

      It still remains a viable plan but we strongly recommend transparency about delivery time with your customers.

      Fulfillment Options


      As it implies, once you receive an order you will have to place that order manually through your vendor. This is usually necessary on first-time sales, then it can be upgraded to an automated service.


      Oberlo and Dropified are just examples of the most popular automated fulfillment services available.

      Once the original order has been placed you can integrate the vendor link to one of these apps and from then on, every order placed will be automated and shipped to the correct customer.

      You can also find products directly through those services which come fully integrated.

      Bulk Fulfillment

      If you have many orders coming in daily, you may also choose to have these orders filled by a Bulk CSV file with your vendor.

      Make sure you ask your vendor if they accept this type of ordering method.

      At the of the day, you just download all of your orders onto a CSV file and email it to your vendor. They will do the rest!

      Fulfillment House

      Depending on your opening budget, pre-purchasing an inventory from a vendor or factory and sending it to a fulfillment house is another solution.

      Once the inventory arrives, they will be able to take care of the handling, packaging, shipping of your product and update you with tracking numbers.

      Some options for fulfillment houses:

      Each carefully picked product in Product List Genie comes with its own informational page which includes vendor links so you can be sure that the item matches the vendor.

      Our Genies Do It All For You.



      This is the area you need to focus on most.

      eCommerce can only survive with a good marketing plan.

      You need to have an online presence and consistently drive converting traffic to your store.

      If you run a niche store, we recommend that you create an avatar of your ideal customer.

      The more detailed your avatar is, the better you will be able to target your ideal customer.


      What is your ideal customer? Take time answering these main questions, then dig deeper into subcategories of your own:

      • Male / Female / Both
      • Age range
      • Income range
      • Occupation
      • Single / Married
      • Activities & Interests
      • Location


      It is critical to have great quality images for customers to convert.

      Descriptive images are recommended as it helps the customer to visualize how a product works.

      Unlike a brick and mortar business, images and words are the only means for your customer to feel and experience the product.


      When it comes to getting customer attention, one of the most powerful tools for ad campaigns is the use of videos.

      Your videos need to be short and straight to the point, as studies show that today's consumer attention span is down to 16 seconds or less.

      Tips On Videos – The Video Ad Formula:
        • First 3 seconds are crucial the get your customer's attention
        • Maximum length should 50 seconds
        • Dimensions 800px X 800px
        • Do not take videos from Facebook directly – you do not want to get banned
    • Speed up video by 1%
    • Replace audio with royalty-free upbeat, high energy music
    • Keep it fast-paced, not slow and boring
    • Include your logo and some call to action copywrite
    • Copywriting

      Having the proper copywrite for your ads is a very important part of the puzzle.

      This can take time (that you may not have) to acquire as a skill or you can pay agencies to write ads for you.

      The right or wrong copy can either make your ad go viral or kill it. You must become a master at writing relevant, engaging ads to get click-throughs.

      How Do You Save Precious Time And Money On Your Marketing Strategy?

      Our Genies have already done this for you on each individual product page!

      You get professional grade images and videos and professionally written copy for your marketing campaigns.


      Tips On Marketing
      • Try Pexels for copyright-free pictures for your site
      • Try Quik to make a quick professional-looking videos for your ads
      • Know your dates:
        • Halloween – October 31 (4th largest online sales holiday)
        • Thanksgiving – November 23 (average online spending of $400 per user)
        • Black Friday – November 24
        • Cyber Monday – November 27
        • Green Monday – December 11
        • Free Shipping Day – December 16 (largest online sales day in December)
      • Ideas for the end of the year: This is a huge shopping season where people spend money on friends, family, loved ones and themselves.
        Start testing:
        • Winter products
        • Indoor products
        • Holiday-themed products like “ugly sweaters” and “Halloween items”
      • Only offer discounts when needed.


      Obviously, advertising is the lifeline to any online business.

      Start small, choose a single advertising platform. Get comfortable with it, laser focus, then expand to another platform.

      As an eComm store business owner, unless you are outsourcing your advertising to an agency, this is where you will spend the bulk of your time, money, and energy.


      This is the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook Ads work to help your business reach 2 Billion Facebook users worldwide based on their location, age, gender, interests and more.

      To advertise properly on Facebook, you will have to create a Facebook Business account where you will be able to create all your campaigns, keep track of your audiences, create targeting, and create so many other necessary parameters.

      Next, you will need to learn how to create campaigns the right way.

      We Recommend These 3 Types Of Campaign Choices:
      • Website Conversions (WC): Get people to take valuable actions on your website, app or in Messenger, such as adding payment info or making a purchase. Use the Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions.
      • Engagement (PPE): Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.
      • Video Views (VV): Promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand.

      Once you have a successful campaign you will need to learn how to scale that campaign by utilizing:

      • Custom Audiences (CA): these audiences can be built from your contacts, website visitors and/or App users.
      • Look Alike Audiences (LAA): Lookalike audiences empower you to use customer information from your site and app visitors, as well as people who like your Facebook Page or people in a custom audience.
      • These audiences will help in targeting and retargeting your ideal customer to maximize your sales. Check out Facebook Business for details.
      Tips On Facebook Ads
      • Common metrics on a winning product:
        • Aim for less than $1.00 CPC
        • Aim for less than $10.00 CPM
        • Aim for less than $15.00 CPA
      • FB Lingo:
        • CPC = Cost Per Click
        • CPM = Cost Per Thousand Views
        • CPA = Cost Per Purchase
      • Ad Copy:
        • Create Awareness
        • Create Interest
        • Create Desire
        • Demand Action
      Facebook Ad Campaign Rules

      Follow these rules to maximize your success and reduce your advertising costs:

        • Start with $5 Adsets Budget — 6 Adsets per Campaign — 4 Ads per adset with different thumbnails.
        • If on Day 1 your Adset Amount Spent is >$2 with NO Link Clicks = Turn Off Adset!
    • After 48 hours (2 Days) you have NO Add To Cart (ATC) = Turn Off Adset!
    • After 72 hours (3 Days) you have NO Sales on Adset = Turn Off Adset!
    • If you spent $15 on an Adset with NO Sales = Cut the Adset!
    • After 72 hours (3 Days) marked on Campaign = Time to make decisions! Keep the winning Adset and cut the losers (take your emotions out of the equation)
    • Duplicate that winning Adset ten (10) times into a brand-new Campaign with $5 or $10 budget each Adset.
    • If you plan to use Facebook, be sure to have backup ad accounts as you will likely run into challenges from Facebook at one time or another.


      As the largest search engine in the world you can understand why this is a platform you must advertise on.

      Everyone utilizes it to search for anything and everything!

      Placing your product in front of a potential customer is the goal, and Google Ads lets you do exactly that!

      Learning to use keywords is not an easy task and utilizing campaigns the wrong way can become costly by tossing money into the internet abyss.

      Google Ads provides you with 3 main categories for your advertising needs:


      Advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results.

      Watch video on Google Search Ads.


      A powerful system that reaches more than 2 million websites and 90 percent of internet users, the Google Display Network can get your ads in front of targeted audiences across the globe.

      Display Ads integrates your ads into carefully chosen websites, where it can reach users while they shop, browse or read.

      Watch video on Google Display Ads.


      These ads are particularly effective because they showcase a high-quality image on the product listing, as well as the price of the product in question.

      Watch video on Google Shopping Ads.

      Setting Up Campaigns In Google Ads And Facebook Advertiser, And Keeping Track Of All The Necessary Data Can Be A “Scary” And Very Confusing Thing.

      But if you become part of our family, our Genie coaches will be there to help you every step of the way to ensure you setup your campaigns properly; by teaching you with training videos, one-on-one conversations, 2-3 weekly live hot-seat seminars and other great free training tools.

      Product List Genie also provides each individual product with its own Google and Facebook campaign details; from audiences, interests, targeted countries, to copywrite and keywords, it can even be downloaded on a spreadsheet, all of it at the tip of your mouse!



      Advertise your videos on YouTube and be seen where everyone is watching! YouTube offers 3 types of ads:

      • TrueView In-Stream Ads: a skippable, online video ad that appears before the video.
      • Bumper Ads: a short 6 second video that works well on mobile.
      • TrueView Discovery Ads: use this format to show up on YouTube search results.


      Influencers are online personalities and celebrities that will help you promote your products for a fee or in trade.

      Instagram is a platform where many of the influencers hang out.

      Influencers have a really large number of followers and the way it usually works is they will post a picture of themselves using your product and tell their followers how great it is.

      The post will have a direct link to your product and voila, sales start pouring in...

      Your goal is to find an influencer not too large, with the proper targeted audience for your product or brand.

      Check these Influencer Platforms for reference:

      Tips On Influencers
      • Do your research, a lot of them are overpriced!
      • Focus on the Accounts engagement
      • Send them the product and ask them to do a test post


      If you don't use retargeting as part of your advertising strategy, you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

      Retargeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front and center and bringing “window shoppers” back when they're ready to buy.

      Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition.

      Some effective and popular services are AdRoll, Criteo, and Perfect Audience.


      According to AdRoll, all you have to do is place a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website.

      This code creates a list of people who visit your site by placing anonymous retargeting “cookies” in their browsers.

      The list allows AdRoll (or other retargeting vendors) to display retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites.

      Since AdRoll works with the largest ad exchanges, they can retarget your customers just about anywhere they might go online.


      Criteo is another service created on the open-internet that also utilizes the power of video in the retargeting arsenal.

      Deliver the right ad at the right moment in the shopper journey.

      Perfect Audience

      Perfect Audience offers a few more platform specific retargeting options like:

      • Mobile Retargeting
      • Cross-Device Retargeting
      • Partner Retargeting
      • Hubspot Retargeting
      • Twitter Retargeting
      • Facebook Retargeting:
        • This is ideal for marketers who want to expand the reach of their exchange-based remarketing and behavioral targeted audience buys across Facebook's 1.55 Billion monthly active user base.


      Bing is a search engine owned and operated by Microsoft.

      Like Google, you will be able to create an ad account and place your product in front of millions of targeted customers.

      You can even create an audience down to a specific city block on a map!


      Native advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.

      In many cases, it manifests as either an article or video, produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform's editorial staff.

      The word “native” refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appears on the platform.

      Increasing The AOV

      Not to be ignored is increasing the Average Order Value.

      It is another chance for you to increase your sales and minimize the money-left-on-the-table syndrome; it is probably the key to your profits!

      This is done by upselling or down selling a customer while they are going through the process of a purchase.

      So, how do you increase your AOV in your store?

      Simple, there's an App for that!

      The top two services available to help you create an upsell funnel alongside your cart page are OneClickUpsell (OCU) and CartHook.

      Which one should you opt for: OCU or CartHook?

      Here's the lowdown:

      • Both OCU and CartHook are apps that handle the checkout pages on their own vs using Shopify's own checkout pages. Because of this, these apps cannot use the basic Shopify pixel integration in the checkout and thank-you pages at all, and have instead implemented their own Facebook pixel codes. With that, only the initial transaction is showing as a standard “Purchase” event.
      • Both OCU and CartHook are effective with one click upsells and offer: easy optimization with analytics, additional products to never lose a sale, easy integration with Shopify, and automated email sequences
      • OCU's pricing structure starts @ $47 per month + 1.5% of sales
      • CartHook's pricing structure starts @ $300 per month

      Our Product List Genie Is Bullet Proof – We Won't Be Outdone!

      Already available in the PLG Theme for Shopify, at no extra charge, are the tools to create upsells to increase your AOVs on a product page and a one-click upsell on the cart page!

      You just have to choose which product is congruent to the original sale item.

      You can thank our Genies anytime!


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      Frequently Asked Questions


      Reloook works best with any Shopify store.


      Reloook and its Genius Team of Researchers have developed a tool that will let you download and/or push products to your Shopify Store. Hundreds of products to choose from, and within just a few clicks they will be on your Shopify store, no hassles!


      In order to get you the latest winning products, we update Product List Genie everyday with products that actually converts. It just gets too exciting, too many to choose from - that you wouldn't worry about the numbers of product you need to keep track on.


      101% Accurate! Our research team is proud to say that our data is absolutely accurate. We have crossed referenced our multiple number of data from different sources, different platforms and from people that are actually selling our products - so yes, they are 100% accurate

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